Uncharted movie shows a new poster: The Nathan Drake landing is approaching in cinemas

Anyone who has played uncharted will know that the games have high doses of spectacularly, so it’s no surprise that Nathan Drake’s story has been opened up to The world of cinema . Uncharted producers: The film wanted to exploit this potential on the big screen and, at the moment, they have already shown both the film action and the classic enigmas of the video game franchise.


The movie will like the players and those who do not know the franchise The Uncharted movie now wants to continue climbing the bar with A new promotional poster in which they obviously observe some of the More characteristic characters from the film. Tom Holland will star at the famous camping, but the feature film will also have the participation of other renowned actors such as Mark Wahlberg , Antonio Banderas , Sarah Patrick or Sophia Ali

Considering that its premiere date is approaching , the producer is raising the expectations of the public in the last weeks. For this reason, we already have statements of Naughty Dog , who consider the film will entertain both Hardcore players and those who are not familiar with the Saga, and have already been presented a first promotional poster, in addition to That we have just met.

Uncharted: The movie will come to theaters around the world on February 18, but in Spain this date is ahead of day 11 . It will be necessary to see how Tom Holland works on the role of Nathan Drake, but the film director has very clear things. In this sense, he has already held on the problems around video game films, of which he thinks that try to recreate too much the player’s experience .

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