Enpoon, the new work,

The Grand Bus, targeted at building a depression-based digital world, which is called Web (Web) 3.0, as well as Below, Below, to adjoin to develop an adjoint that utilizes the blockchain as well as NFT I claimed.

Following the brand name page, we will progressively share the task progression to the individuals, and we intend to provide numerous collaboration chances with companions as well as various collective possibilities with the activation of community.

On the other hand, Expose was a startup developed in September 2017, drew in W100bn from a new facility of W100bn from the brand-new establishment investment in August, and has been recognized as corporate worth of W1tr. Based upon this, it came to be a unicorn business in the shortest duration in the domestic game sector.

Expose was released on 12th, a blockchain based upon brand-new tasks.

In enhancement, Grander reinterprets IP with 2D dots graphics, a Sandbox Game ‘Job Pixel’, a DAY (Talent Pixel), including Art Resource, It will be expanded.

The Grand Bus is a job that grafted a blockchain technology to the business’s very first game ‘Grander’ IP. You can look at video game histories, world views, and also significant bases with the 12-day brand name web page. It is based on Unreal Engine 5 and aims to supply a step-by-step metabus solution based upon user involvement.

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