variety game that weighs 250 MB. Eternal Lands with new products

How with the variety of players? Numerous hundred people who browse through to the web server day. Very little, however it’s sufficient to maintain Eternal Lands to life.

You play here.

Eternal Lands is an variety video game established for greater than a struggle than progression raising. Due to the lack of personalities, we can develop your personality at all, as well as many thanks to Sandbox aspects and also numerous abilities (assault, defense, harvest, alchemy, magic, mix, project, production, crafts, engineering, customizing, etc.) Linearity does not intimidate us.

Eternal Lands is a video game released in February 2003, or concerning a fifty percent as well as a year years before the premiere of World of Warcraft, which as soon as permanently flew the face of our style.

Eternal Lands - Dead or Alive?
Install game takes less than 250 MB.

The newest spot 1.9.6 included a new region, a brand-new island and a new temple. By the method, the appearance of existing areas has been boosted and over 90 products obtained brand-new versions. There were likewise spots in the source code, many thanks to which some video game functions have actually lastly begun to serve as they should.

Regardless of such a lengthy teaching fellowship, Eternal Lands remains to proactively operate the marketplace as well as what better, still gets new updates.

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