New Torrid Trailer for Huniepop 2: Double Date Drops

The guilty pleasure of everyone — or secret shame? — comes back soon. An ad trailer for Huniepop 2: Double date is released, and people from all over everywhere feel these special feelings.

The new trailer has been published by Huguenot, the developer and the publisher of the first game. They are currently working on the first suite and tease the game for a few years. The first game could be recognized thanks to its components, say, more risky.

It seems that Double Ran card will follow the same torrid mentality as the first, and will continue the player’s journey to this day women animate more incredibly attractive. Double Ran card will take the characters from the first game to a new location — a magnificent island where, conveniently you can see all the female characters in a bikini.

The trailer presents new mechanics of play that will be introduced into Double Ran card, one of which is, of course, double dates. Players will now be able to share their attention between two girls at the same time.

There will also be a luggage feature, which will be a new way to help players manage their items. The trailer also revealed all the characters, old and new, who arrive in the game.

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HuniePop 2: Double Date - Release Trailer
The first game, released on Steam in 2015, managed to monopolize a certain section of the game market, and if there is a request, the series will continue to exist. It’s definitely not for everyone, but the fans (and the YouTubers who killed this game) are excited.

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