He was Matrix, so why would he run out of Fetta in Fortnite?

Fortnite probably no one surprises with his cooperation, right? Epic Games is ready for each, larger premiere, whether it’s a serial, book or movie. It’s surprising that they did not prepare anything from the Witcher! A white wolf or Cirri fighting in Battle Royale is not necessarily something amazing, but it would not be a surprise. Maybe the issue of lacking with Andrew Minkowski / Netflix / CD Project? In this case, copyright issues could really intricate.

Instead of the Witcher Fortnite, however, has something from Matrix. In the store you could buy an emoticon kick trinity, the Bullet Time Neo emotion and the painting of one and zero. Everything as part of a set behind a white rabbit, part of which is a float. This last element will win for free as part of the winter festival 2021. You can pick up the item until January 6, 2022.

Epic Games did not give up another cooperation from the Star Wars universal, thanks to which Body Etta went to the game. And more specifically Bob Feet:

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Defined for one of the most dangerous and best award hunters in Galaxy, Bob Feet allegedly died in Jamie Malacca on Tattooing. Feet managed to survive the meeting with the beast and regain the characteristic Mandalorian armor.

In the game you can purchase Bob Feet outfit with a rocket backpack with-6 with accessories in the form of a dedicated kilo, a volatile hunter ship and a special emotion. Is there any Crossover who would surprise you in Fortnite?

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