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Since 2023, the Principal Principles after the ‘Monthly Classification for the Broadcasting program will be applied.

The Ministry of Science and Technology Information The Department of Information and Communications Department announced through pre-briefing prior to a paid broadcasting industry afternoon on the afternoon of the 29th.

On this day, a win-win partnership shall be governed by the Broadcasting Court, a cooperation, and the guidelines for the Paid Broadcasting Market Channel Contract and Supply Procedures, Standards’ announced ‘confirmed’.

In addition, the announcement of the Paid broadcasting Terms and Conditions and repair procedures in the paid broadcasting terms and repair procedures in the
In this consultation, the supply principles were specified after the implementation.

After the introduction of the comprehensive channel, the process of supplying the contents to the broadcasting program contract and settlement of the post-formation was stiffened. In the position of creating broadcasting content, there was a difficulty to supply program revenue to the platform that did not know.

In particular, global content dinosaurs, such as Netflix and Disney +, has entered into a domestic market, and it was pointed out that it would be a big stumbling block for the development of domestic content competitiveness as the competition of broadcast content was intensified.

Platform operators such as IPTV have not provided channel evaluation and channel termination requirement, and the successful pancreas have contributed to the negotiation force infringement, but the Buddha will discuss this related discussion, and eventually explained to the guidelines I took a key.

However, since the contract is done in the form of a contract, it is necessary to discuss the criteria for the estimated standard, and it is necessary to apply the supply principle since 2023, and the provincial contract will be applied since 2023.

■ Expression of channel contract until date Expression date

The Principles after the Monthly The Principles have made the Guidelines on the Paid Broadcasting Market Contract and Content Supply Procedure to ensure that the contract period expires after expiring the contract period before expiring the contract period before expiration of the contract.

However, the time of application is that the Minister of Occasional is based on the estimated standards of the Ministry of Occasional, and the Mt. PP protection.

The Ministry of Broadcasting Promotion Policy, said, We will continue to actively work on the Principles of Transition after 2023 contracts, even if they are late in 2023.

MPS Now Enrollment Season 2022-2023
The discussion of revision of the National Assembly associated with the principle of supply and demand was held according to government request.

In this guideline, the evaluation criteria related to the channel contract also contained the public key.

The channel evaluation criteria shall be disclosed before three months of attempting to evaluation of the evaluation related request data form, and the request data form will be sent to the PP until a faster day before the expiration of the requested contract or the charcoal assessment.

Evaluation criteria include matters concerning information on audience rates, related matters, related matters, for production values, content investment costs, and broadcast channel use business operations’ ability.

The rating period was a principle from January 1 to December 31 every year. In the current guidelines, the next year, from October 1, next year, next year, I have fixed the point on September 30th.

The evaluation results that the paid broadcasting should notify the PP to be notified of the PP, the ratings and the ratings and the ratings, and the average score, the average total of the channel soldiers, Score, channel listing on channel group is enlarged.

In addition, to terminate the channel provided by the paid broadcasting, we have been through a reasonable channel evaluation, and that we have been able to terminate according to the expiration of the contract period after the re-registration.

As a re-regulated pending requirement, it was a channel, which is 10% lower than the channel group evaluation. If the number of channels of the channel group is less than 10, the lowest evaluation channel is applicable.

The contents of this channel re-administered pending condition should be specified in the channel supply contract.

In addition, it is necessary to give a sufficient call to PP and notify the related facts before the contract period, and the related facts should be notified in the written in the form of a document,

In the case of test channels, it has been made to prepare a separate evaluation criteria for a regular channel and a total of 20 units within 10% of the global real-time television broadcasting channel.

■ 12 channels… PP evaluation in five fields

In the PP evaluation criteria and procedure standard, the standards were classified as 12 channels. 12 channels are religious, movies, overseas dramas, domestic dramas, music, sports, affiliates, liberal arts, entertainment, hobbies, children education, and others.

This classification and PP agreed upon the paid broadcasting company and PP until the broadcasting chamber contract. If not in agreement, a ministerial minister may be specified.

Evaluation items (30 points), ratings (30 points), (30 points), (30 points), manufacturing value (10 points), content investment ratio (20 points), and operation ability (10 points) Place a dog item.

The detailed criteria for the transmission of the transmission, the transmission method, and the method of distribution of the transmission method are also specified.

It is targeted for PP channels broadcasting for the entire period from January 1 to December 31 every year, and the pay-TV will be informed by April 10 after the paid broadcasting ends to March 31.

PP can be appeals within 10 days from the date of notification, and the paid broadcaster is a principle of review and result confirmed in 7 days from the date of interest.

■ One-time channel reorganization limited annual

In the Paid Broadcast Terms of Report and Repair Procedures, we have established a regular resolving definition of a channel regular reorganization, and the Terms of Terms and Conditions for this one could be repaired once a year.

Regular reorganization defined when changing the channel number of a full-operational real-time channel of a full operation real-time channel or a channel number of over 5% of the entire real-time channel.

It is possible to have a short number when there is an unavoidable reason for the incubator and closure of the content, including the home shopping channel, or if the content of the contents and the content of the contents are agreed. The reasons for changing the terms for this should be specified in the Terms.

Change of Conditions for Channel Number Change The reports have been able to repair after the date of the reported rotor for the reporting date of the previous channel number. That’s why you can reduce audience discomfort.

Changes in the Certain Channel Numbers of Certain Content Changes were limited to one year, repaired one time, and the exception was as except for the consensus of paid broadcasters and contents.

In the case of direct-use channels, the defect deployment of the defect according to the channel number change of the affiliate company by proprietary regulation method is repaired once every year.

The guideline, which announced today, said the Guideline, said the guideline, which announced today, said the topic is a very difficult to accommodate the partner, as a key, It is also very difficult to accommodate the opponent’s position, There was a consensus that there was a consensus that the viewers’ righteousness should not be limited in the ability to continue only the consuming debate in the competition.

It is possible to derive the desirable result when the industry to discuss the future will be the same as this year, and the industry is gathered together with this year.

■ New Year’s troops’

The Movies, said, The decision of this guideline has established a basic framework for the decision of the content.

We have established a basis for transitioning a pure broadcasting rate to a pharmaceutical rate of a preemption control for a long period of time, and For this purpose, it automatically establishes a channel agreement between paid broadcasters and PP, and improves the period of channel evaluation I explained.

As a paid broadcasting company expanded its opportunity for a competitive PP channel to clear its termination requirement to terminate the channel according to the PP assessment, he said, II PP evaluation Results Investigation of notifications, excluding qualitative evaluation elements, and the terms of changing the change in the change of channel number.

In the New Year, we have been discussed in earnest in earnest. The agreement of the currently discussed with the current channel, and the discussion of terrestrial broadcasters became homework.

From next year to a full-fledged basis in earnest, will begin to discuss the production standards for calculation standards. I look forward to participating in the standard for the reference.

Then, I will continue to actively effort on PP evaluation items and evaluation methods, which will continue to be applied to the PP evaluation items and evaluation methods, which will continue to be applied to the PP evaluation items and evaluation methods, and will continue to be actively trying to apply the PP evaluation items and evaluation methods. I plan to improve the microphone that may appear in.

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