MOD to add DOOM wind campaign to AOE II appear-masterpiece played with masterpiece!

Kingdom Hearts II (キング ダム ハーツ II, Kingdom Hats CSU) is an action-RPG video game established by Square Enix and dispersed by Buena Panorama Games and Square Enix, 2005 for PlayStation 2, Sony video clip game console. The game is the extension of the collaboration in between Disney Interactive and also Square Enix of 2002, Kingdom Hearts, which integrates components of the cosmos of Disney and that of Square in an action-RPG game. This piece is a little darker than its precursor. The popularity of this game really felt in the magazine of books as well as a series of manga based on its background. In March 2007 an international version, Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + is released.
Kingdom Hearts II is the third game of the Kingdom Hearts collection. The story takes area one year after the occasions of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and also Sort, the protagonist of the first two games, part in search of his lost close friends. Like previous opus, Kingdom Hearts II includes a wide panel of characters from Disney movies and Last Fantasy collection video clip games. The organization XIII, a group introduced in Chain of Memories, comes back to impede the progress of Sort.
The game rates, obtaining numerous end-of-year rewards from several video greenhouse websites. In Japan, greater than a million copies are offered just one week after its departure. A month after his North American leave, he reaches once more the mark of the countless the marketed duplicates which makes the second-rate marketing of the year 2006. As of March 31, 2007, the game is offered to greater than 4 million duplicates all over the world.

MOD AGE OF DOOM that can play the legendary masterpiece FPS DOOM wind campaign with a long-established popularity RTS AGE of Empires II. Did.

RTS and FPS loved by many people. So what happens when you combine them into one? The answer is Age of Doom. SE, etc., just played DOOM from the fresh point of view of the first DOOM. I switch the weapon by using the chat field of AOE, but there is also a figure of a double barrel shotgun that is famous as DOOM shotgun.

Age of Doom can play the tutorial and four episodes, and the story starts from the ancient ruins and fights as the stage of the UAC base invaded by the devil. The last episode Hellhole Teleport Portal Gate has not been added yet, and it seems to be released in the future.

Age of Doom can be downloaded by MOD DB. In addition, the introduction of MOD should be done at oneself.

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