Death Trash Update 0 7 33 PatchNotes Carlos Hurtado

Update 0.7.33 has arrived for todesmüll, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. This update is rather small, it adds some content and fixes some problems, but nothing was changed or added. Players should not expect big differences after the implementation of this update. Everything is new with Death Trash Update 0.7.33.

Death Trash Update 0.7.33 Patches

Added more players’ character portraits.
Some dialogs updated.
Fixed: effects of infections that may be permanently adhered to the player’s character.
Some props for the target exercise bots added in God hunters Prison and resolved some visual problems with the bots.
Some situations have been fixed in which logical triggers may not have been performed, especially for unlocking world map progress on Crossroads and The Maw.

Some errors when changing the user interface corrected during equipping or removing implants.
Fixed that when plundering the container, no particular inventory was named when it was full.
Updated user interface for player messages.
Fix some UI actions (e.g. plundering) that triggered several sounds.

Death Trash - Review

This patch has managed to solve some problems in terms of the user interface, effects and graphics of the game and even add some content. Players now have more character portraits, updated dialogues and players news and more. All in all, this little update will make the experience of pleasant as soon as the patch goes live.

Death waste is now available on the PC. For more information about this update, visit the Official Death Trash Twitter page.

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