Rapid Flirt Dominik Frieser Contractless Abroad is clear goal

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Dominik Frailer was recently associated with SK Rapid Vienna, according to SKY, the outer storm, but for the time being, has other plans. In addition, the ex-liner revealed the reasons for the FC Barnsley.

So the English second division wanted to make a checkout again with the ex-liner. They suggested me to sell me in January, because I’m too old at 28 years, says Frailer. Then he was looking for the conversation with those responsible. I then put together with the CEO and said that I do not find that fair because I have given everything for the club. Finally, the two agreed on a contract resolution.

Despite the sowing end, Frailer does not regret the step into the championship. I can take a lot. It was a very successful time, especially in the first year. Nobody would have thought that we come to the play-offs and almost ascend to the Premier League.

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Frailer about Rapid interest: Have not heard anything since then

In which direction it could now go for frailer, is still uncertain, but he has a personal tendency: My goal is clear that I stay home abroad. But he also wanted to exclude a return to Austria, but there were talks with Rapid some time ago: There has been contact three weeks ago. Since then, I have heard nothing more, says Frailer. Furthermore, contact involves a club from Germany and the Netherlands.

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